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Tips for healthy gums

We all learn at a very young age that we have to brush our teeth regularly to keep them healthy. But what about our gums?

Here are some tips for maintaining healthy gums:

  • Brush your gums gently during each brushing with a toothbrush (always brush vertically, from the gum to the tooth).
  • Do a precautionary cleaning of the molars and premolars (since they are located at the back of the arcade, they are often neglected, and thus more subject to plaque).
  • Check your gums once a week to be alert to any changes in colour or texture.
  • Floss daily to dislodge food particles trapped between the teeth.

Some patients give up on flossing, noting the bleeding and pain that follow each use. Of course, stopping isn’t the solution, because the situation risks getting worse instead of improving. The bleeding is caused by the microbes present in the plaque. This is why you must persevere in your good habits and consult a dental professional if pain or bleeding persists after two weeks.

It is imperative to consult your dentist regularly for cleaning and periodic checkups to ensure your teeth and gums are doing well. Gum disease can attack the bone supporting the tooth when not treated. To avoid complications and ultimately a tooth extraction, it is always better to adopt a preventive attitude and have the problem treated before it gains too much scope.
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