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The importance of dental restoration

Dental restoration is the dentistry discipline devoted to the replacement of missing or damaged teeth. The objective is to improve the appearance of the patient’s smile and prevent oral and dental problems that risk occurring in the absence of intervention. Dental restorations are very important, because filling the vacant space prevents migration of the neighbouring teeth. In addition, the replacement of one or more teeth contributes to the preservation of good hygiene, which eliminates plaque and avoids the risk of infection. On the psychological level, dental restoration improves the general mood and self-confidence.

A dental professional can offer you several types of treatments to replace your missing teeth, from a crown to installation of implants or a bridge. A crown is ideal when a tooth is broken or seriously affected by decay. Resembling a small cap, it covers the damaged tooth to strengthen it and improve its appearance. The implant consists of two distinct parts: the screw (tenon) and the artificial tooth. The implant has a completely natural appearance and offers the same functional sensation. A bridge is made to measure and allows replacement of one or more teeth. The bridge is fastened to the adjacent teeth and, once installed, it resembles a natural tooth in every way.

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