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Dental Implants

Implants serve to replace missing roots and hold replacement teeth in place. They may be removable or permanent.

The procedure

  • Your dentist or oral surgeon inserts a small metal tenon in the jaw.
  • Over time, this tenon integrates into the neighbouring bone.
  • The tenon or implant serves to create a solid base to receive one or more artificial teeth.

Given that the implant is integrated into the bone, it has almost the same attributes as a natural tooth. However, since it is fairly fragile, delicacy during dental hygiene is essential. A toothbrush with longer bristles will allow thorough cleaning of the implant’s rear surface. It is also recommended to floss gently at least once a day. Of course, it is important to be doubly careful at the junction of the implant and the gum. A floss threader could also be useful.

Implants are not suitable for everyone. Here are the prerequisites:

  • Excellent general health
  • Healthy gums
  • A fairly massive jawbone to support the implant

When the bony base no longer supports the teeth, it is normal that it will tend to become thinner. The absence of teeth during a prolonged period could therefore reduce the bone structure. Since the implant is integrated into the bone, it is less likely that this reduction will occur. However, in case of shrinkage, the dental surgeon can perform a bone graft to favour subsequent installation of implants. Your dentist or dental specialist will confirm whether a graft is recommended in your case.

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