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Butterfly Bridge

The butterfly bridge is a permanent dental replacement solution. It is called a butterfly bridge because of its special shape, which consists of an artificial tooth (body of the butterfly) with two metal wings (wings of the butterfly) that are glued behind the teeth adjacent to the one to be replaced. The wings are shaped to fit perfectly to the neighbouring teeth so that they are completely hidden. When properly designed and attached, the butterfly bridge is a durable and very aesthetic prosthesis. The shape and colour of the replacement tooth are determined in advance in consultation with you to ensure that the final result meets your expectations.

Here are the different steps in the manufacture and placement of a butterfly bridge:

  • Dental impressions taken to design the temporary bridge and the butterfly bridge
  • Installation of a temporary bridge before the butterfly bridge is ready
  • Replacement of the temporary bridge with the butterfly bridge

The butterfly bridge has the considerable advantage of being a less invasive procedure for the adjacent teeth than a traditional fixed bridge. This means there is less damage to the teeth to which the wings are attached.

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