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Minor Oral Surgery and Tooth Extraction

Proper care of the mouth after dental surgery can reduce the risk of complications, infections and accelerate healing. Read the advice of your dentist.

BITE in cotton for 20 minutes. Change cottons every 20 minutes until the bleeding stops.

DO NOT spit, touch, rinse your mouth or drink through a straw the first 24 hours. Let your saliva flow gently without suction. Warm and soft foods are recommended. You can supplement your alimentation with food supplements such as "ensure or boost".

DISCOMFORT this is normal after surgery. The pain can vary in length. Your dentist may prescribe a painkiller and/or antibiotic if necessary.

SWELLING To avoid swelling it is advisable to place ice on the affected area for periods of 10 minutes interspersed with downtime of 10 minutes.

SLEEP head slightly raised with two pillows, to prevent further bleeding.

AVOID eat or drink too hot, 24 hours later you can return to your eating habits. Foods rich in protein and iron promote healing.

24 HOURS LATER you can gently rinse your mouth with salt water or mouthwash recommended by your dentist. Brush your teeth well. Remember, a clean mouth heals faster and better.

DO NOT SMOKE for a period of 24 hours. Suction when taking a cigarette dislodge the clot and cause severe pain. Without smoking, healing will be faster.

DO NOT HESITATE to call us if you have questions following the treatments received.

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